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Top 5 Male Masturbation Toys

The best male masturbation toys are easy to use, durable and offer a range of sensations that will get you excited and ready for more. From handheld artificial vagina or anus sleeves to automatic strokers that can deliver a full-on blowjob, there’s a toy for everyone and every body.

Top Male Stroker: Satisfyer

Most strokers are just soft sleeves that you slip over your penis, but this one from Satisfyer bumps up realism with an air pressure-filled design. It’s also super easy to clean. It’s waterproof and a good choice for travel, too.

Blowjob Machine Review: Autoblow AI

The makers of this sexy robotic masturbator force an artificial intelligence to watch 6000 hours of BJ videos, so it learns the perfect way to give you pleasure. It comes in three different sizes to match your penis, and can be set to 10 different stroke patterns at 10 different speeds – so it feels like a real blowjob!

You just need to apply a lubricant and close your eyes. Then, let it work its magic!

This is a great option for those looking to get more out of their solo play. It’s a powerful tool that can feel like a real blowjob with its tight silicone lips and gentle caressing motion.

It can also deepthroat and pulsate, but you can adjust the settings to control those as well. The device even has an app so you can customize your experience with the right setting.

Best Automatic Masturbator: Lelo F1S V2

This sexy automatic stroker is designed to automatically move the stimulating sleeve up and down your penis. It delivers up to 600 strokes per minute and is rechargeable. It also has a Cruise Control feature that allows you to set it in “auto-pilot” and enjoy the experience hands-free.

These are great for newbies and stamina trainers, as they don’t require you to put in any extra effort. They’re also safe for travel and discreet enough to use during intercourse, so they’re ideal for couples or solo masturbation.

They can be purchased online and shipped straight to your door. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re worth it for their convenience.

The Satisfyer is a clever upgrade to the standard stroker toy that bumps up realism with an air-pressure-filled design and a ribbed, Cyberskin inside. It’s also easy to clean and a good choice for travel, too.

TENGA Masturbator Eggs:

They’re a great choice for those who want to try out sex toys but don’t have a lot of money or space. Each TENGA egg has a unique texture that gives different sensations.

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